Does your brand logo and iconography give you the confidence to place it against the best in the world. If your answer is ‘no’ then it’s time time to re- fresh, redesign and upgrade. Get in touch with us. It’s time for African brands to have world class branding that lets us compete with the world. We offer complete branding solutions starting with the logo right through to its strategy.

Visual Design

The days that just any design will work are gone. There are 10, 20 or even 30 other companies around the corner that readily to compete with you. You can easily gain an edge by looking better and giving your clients the impression that you are a big brand.

Web Development

In today’s world of technology, once you mention your company’s name every other person goes online to check that scale of you company. A well designed site ensures that the right image is planted into you prospective client’s mind. Website functions have also evolved from just providing information to now delivering and converting clients. Does yours impress and convert?


Communication needs images that capture the deepest emotions of a brand. We believe that good pictures do not translate to meaningful conversations. Today’s consumer engages with brands at a deeper level than just visibility. We build brands communication that is consistent, creative, unique, yet true to the original value of your brand.


Our team of professional, camera men, editors ,script writers, directors and producers are capable of handling any kind of project regardless of its magnitude. Our main focus is creativity, quality and meeting set deadlines.


Our team provides a wide variety of photography services. Whether you need an advertising photographer or pictures for brochures and web sites or even to capture special moments in your event. We ensure that you get what you really want.

Media Solutions

It is our experience that visibility is becoming more and more important. You have a winning brand, but just how many people are talking about it?

We know how to get your brand out there. We know media.

Online Marketing

Companies grow by keeping the market informedabout them. They always need to ensure that storiestold are positive and drive growth. We come in to design and build commercial and social websites that connect everyone across all major social media. Our web solutions offers complete online brand development and marketing. This includes brand, website design, social marketing, onine videos and SEO management.



“Values are like Fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”
Elvis Presley

  • Why Disruptive

    As agencies grow bigger and more powerful, clients get less quality creative and design work thus weaker brands. We dare to disrupt the industry, we dare to work towards building brands rather than build campaigns. We dare to advice on better spending and value for your dime. We dare to ‘Disrupt’ the industry and the nation at large.

  • Our Way Of Doing Things

    We align ourselves with companies and get to know them so as to build their brand on what they believe in and position them more effectively in the market. We work with companies who believe in why they do, not just what they do. We believe in this approach, take up your cause and make it our own. We craft human brands, strategies and communication that connects with people. Your brand develops its own handshake, story and ways to touch lives.

  • Our Values and believes

    We believe in growing companies by delivering top notch brand, design and advertising work thus enabling them to compete toe to toe with other local and international companies.

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